2021 Membership Dues

A Message from the President:

2020 has been an extraordinary year in ways that have been unpredictable and unimaginable, and not in a good way.  We, the members of CPAAG had started the year off strong, with an unparalleled membership with a count of close to 80 when you include the Board members.  This is a strong testimony to the commitment that you have to the Glendale Police Department.


It is the dedication and the commitment of members, like you, that make CPAAG such an extraordinary organization.  Even though we were unable to meet in person for the majority of this year, we were still able to come together during Zoom gatherings and socialize.  Recently, the Board adopted a Resolution that allows CPAAG to conduct business electronically through methods like Zoom, in order to maintain the well-being of the organization.


We have lost momentum.  There is no question about that and there is no way to sugar coat it -- nor would I do that.  The plain simple fact is that we need you to keep our membership strong so that when we come out on the other side of this pandemic, the CPAAG organization will be rich in membership that is eager to start doing events and fundraising!!


As required by our By-Laws, we will once again be collecting our Annual Membership Dues.  The cost of only $25 per member does not sustain CPAAG on its own, but it does provide a token of your commitment to the CPAAG organization. 


Let it be known, now and forever, my pride in this organization and especially the membership.  For without you, there would be no CPAAG and the Glendale Police Department would be lessened without your existence. 


You. Are. CPAAG.  

Sincerely and respectfully, 

Ken A Barnick

President, CPAAG